confused obsessions

1. My favourite photo of Deluxe in Church Street. 

2. Mr. Carl Wessel (owner) and a friend.

3. Deluxe coffee now at Checkers.

4. Original packaging

5. Skripsie!! (final year project)

Deluxe Coffeeworks

This little coffee shop/coffee roastery is one of my longest standing obsessions. So much that I am doing my final year project on them. They are located in Church Street in the CBD of Cape Twon and recently opened a second roastery in Roodehek Street also in Cape Town. 

According ot me they roast and supply the best coffee in Cape Town if not in SOuth Africa. I was so happy this weekend to find them in the Sunday Times as well. 

Pay them a visit as soon as possible!!!

1. First attempt with another obsession of mine - Coke Light

2. My current (very small) collection

3. Sunday Times

4. Felt like Tinkerbell

Nail polish

I recently fell in love with painting my nails. It makes me calm and it looks pretty! Pinterest is also to blame with all the beautiful nail designs posted. I am starting slow and using naturals and nudes with a little bit of glitter.

I am now constantly browsing for new colours. And I was so exited when the Sunday Times this week had a full page  spread of nail polish shades to try!!

Check out my Pinterest for updates!

Memories of the old Jason Bakery when the hatch or “hole in the wall still existed in Bloem Street.

1. The best cranberry danish EVER!!

2. Deluxe Coffeeworks coffee

3. The Bloem Street hatch

4. The menu

5. Pasties de nata

6. Integrating Deluxe, Jason and sugar…

Loading Bay Visit

1. Enjoying loading bay

2. Baristas creating the perfect cup of coffee

3. Freshly squeezed juice

4. “Welcome to today” menu board

5. Menu giving a short summary of coffee

Unsung Heroes

I discovered this list of Cape Town Restaurants (Punching above their weight) by Andy Fenner this morning on my twitter feed. I am obsessed with restaurants and coffee shops in Cape Town (an obsession that has been with me for a while now). I recognised most of the restaurants on his list, but realised that there is a few that I have not visited…

So I am copying the list and I am going to attempt to visit all of them before the end of the year!!

                                                          The List

  1. Dear Me
  2. Burrata
  3. The Common Room
  4. Jason Bakery
  5. Loading Bay
  6. Society Bistro
  7. El Burro
  8. Oep ve Koep
  9. La Mouette

Have visited Dear Me, Jason Bakery and Loading Bay.    

My final year report - almost finished. (Taken with Instagram)

My final year report - almost finished. (Taken with Instagram)

my sincere apologies

I have been away so long from this blog as things have been completely crazy! I have been working on my final year report due this Monday (not the final-final one, but the preliminary final report), organizing my life for next year, apartment shopping as well as being sick in bead for a whole week…

But I am happy to report that most of my problems are sorted out! I found the most beautiful one bedroom apartment in the heart of Stellenbosch. Near the Engineering faculty as well as right by the lovely Food Lovers Market (another current obsession). It is very small and lacks a shower, but its sunny and so pretty. I am currently searching for any type of DIY projects to decorate (photos to follow as soon as I move in).

My final year project is also almost finished. At the moment it is being fixed by a lady who does grammar and formatting editing. I am quite nervous as English is not my first language and I expect a lot of red marks and corrections. But I am quite happy about where it is going!

I finally made a commitment to what I will be doing for the next two years. I have thought and fought so much with myself over the last two years about what I will be doing once I graduate. My ideas stretched from doing attending a chef school to taking a gap year and working in France on a farm. At the beginning of this year I realized that I still wanted to study and do my Masters in some direction. It was only after this last semester that I again found a subject that interested me. So next year I will be doing my Masters in Industrial Engineering with the focus on Asset Management! Hopefully I will get a bursary from Anglo American, a company that I would love to work for one day.

Well happy days and expect some more frequent posts…

The Perfect Day

I had the perfect day today. Nothing significant or amazing happened, it was just perfect.

The weather this morning was perfect for a jog so I set out with Tiësto playing in my ears. It literally pushed me up the steep hills! Saw the sunrise. Drove to Cape Town and had two coffees at Deluxe 2 while listening to the best playlist (amazing!!). The new Deluxe looks so good - located in Roodehek Street in a industrial looking building. Drove back and took out the entire Tin Tin collection at the public library. Had a nice chat with the librarian about her sister’s son collecting the Tin Tin series. One of my future plans. Immediately started reading with some Twinings tea tanning a bit in the sun on the stoep. I am convinced that the Tin Tin books and The Office are the only two things that can make me laugh out loud. Had the best hamburger created by yours truly - avo, mayo, sweet chilli sauce and lots of lettuce. Worked on my skripsie analysing supply chains. Had a lovely nap. Woke up and could not resist the beautiful weather so went out for another jog. Saw the sunset. And later it’s time for some Dead Parrots…

Feel so happy right now